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5 features of true leader


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Napoleon Bonaparte said once:

A leader is a dealer in hope.

So here is my question: How should behave leader in XXI century? What’s the most challenging for such person?

I’ve read many books and articles and I have some conclusions.

1. Leader has a vision

Without any vision there is no way to achieve success. Real leader should see the BIG PICTURE and create this picture in mind of the team members. With good visualization people will believe that the direction they follow is correct and the reward is worth sacrifices. Steve Jobs always repeated, that Apple will make great products, that will serve other people.  He was so passionate, that when he convinced people to join him, they mostly did it (“Do you wanna be a Pirate or serve navy”). This same with Martin Luther King (famous “I had a dream”), who had great speaking gift and his vision inspired the people to take an action.

2. Leader believes in his people and creates emotions

When people feel bad or they are tired he can easily motivate them and give them fuel. Leader knows that some days are worst, but he believes that what they do matters and help other people. He has strong “WHY?” for each action, so people around know what drives him and what makes the company unique as a whole. Using emotional intelligence leader creates unique environment, where people feel comfortable and challenged as a part of the team.

3. Leader stays consistent

If some circumstances have changed, he still try to follow his previous defined path. He never betrayed his friends. He improves his knowledge each day and he is focused on direction as well as daily tasks, which bring great results in the long-term. He is not like ADHD-kid, trying to do 100 things within a day, but he rather knows what’s important for him and the team, so he can do relevant job. Sometimes the other try to convince him to change his mind, but he defends his ideas, because he know, what he wants.

4. Leader build respect and has charisma

We love charismatic leaders. We know, that such people have some unique power to change what they want. We follow them, because they impress us. We are convinced to hear someone who has respect and who inspire us with his vision. Such people seems to be strong and passionate about what they say, which makes them more reliable and trustworthy.

5. Leader takes the risk

People trust the leader, but he can make mistakes. He is never 100% sure, that his decision is right. He have to have huge sense of intuition, but he will be always responsible for decisions. In many situation people will leave leader, because they will be afraid of failure. But that’s the price of taking risk.

When we look around we can see, that all of us can be a leaders. It’s a matter of practice. If we have knowledge, we are passionate about something or we can positively influence people, we can improve our leadership skills and use them to make our society better place to leave.

Are you leaders in your environment? If yes, describe in comment, if not, please write, how can you become one of them!

High Performance-Team in 10 steps


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I was wondering last time at work, what makes the team effective and motivated. I worked in many groups and everywhere there was something. what didn’t work. Surfing on the internet I found this nice infographic from Mashable:

Do you have any ideas, how to improve your team or how to make it more effective? Share it with us 🙂

How to solve most problems in life?


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Many of us have some problems. But I would rather call them challenges. Why? Because we are incredibly powerful to solve them. We don’t need to look for excuse. Sometimes it’s just a matter of good question.  A.Einstein said “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” So let’s find some challenges in life and let’s try to solve them together by changing our thinking. Here are some problems you might have or your friends complain about it :

  • I don’t have a time
  • I don’t have money
  • I don’t have required skills
  • I am to tired and so on…

I will tell you a story. When i was young my parents didn’t have much money to let me go for English classes, but I really liked this language. Instead of saying “I can not do it”, “I won’t learn it at all” i decided to find a way to solve this problem. I watched British TV, i listened English songs and I bought some additional books to learn grammar. With the time i got better and better. Thanks to my language I got a job at Google, I could make some presentation, I met crazy people around the world and I could learn from something form foreigners, international blogs, books etc. That was incredibly valuable. And I am still learning, because it is never good enough. You have to stay open minded.  Instead of looking for excuse, why can I not learn english I found a way to change this.  So my advice for you is simple. Before you give up and say “It doesn’t make any sense”, “I will never solve this issue” change you way of thinking. How? Start asking relevant question. You have a small computer between your ears called “brain” so why don’t you use it properly. If you get lost or can not go forward ask yourself those questions:

  • who can help me? who already had this problem and solved it?
  • what’s gonna happen if I won’t solve the problem? what will be the cost of failure?
  • how will I feel, when I’ll solve the problem? will it make me stronger or happier?
  • are there any other ways to move forward ?

If, instead of looking for excuse, you will start asking questions, you will definitely find the answer. You are creative, you have imagination and you are smart enough, to find the right solution. So go for it, if you stuck in your LIFE, start asking good, motivational question, which leads you to success and right answers.


So my TASK for you for today:

  1. Find the problem
  2. Ask 5 relevant, brave question, which can help you find the answer
  3. Put down the answers in the notebook
  4. ACT!
  5. See, if you get some results
  6. If not, go to the point 2 and ask another questions.

and let me know if you have additional question or you achieved some great results with this technique.

Do the Impossible and Crush IT!


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One of my friends have sent me this picture yesterday:

Sometimes we think that we can not do something, but it’s not true. Most of the barriers come from our head and have nothing to do with reality.

I remember when I was sailing for the first time. My friends invited me for the trip on the Baltic Sea. 10 days, no shower, only waves and storms. I couldn’t even swim well. I said “You’re crazy. I don’t go anywhere”. They responded “Coward!”. That was one word to much 🙂 I took a challenge. From the first day of trip it was the greatest adventure of my life. Fantastic people, challenges, freedom and space (only water around). We discovered beautiful harbors in Sweden and we met diversed local people. I’ve improved my leadership skills, responsibility and team-playing. After 10 day my first question was “Where do we go next time?”. My friends were laughing.

My advice for you is:

  1. Each week do at least one thing you are afraid to do.
  2. Stay open to the different people and build trust with them
  3. Break your fear and follow your intuition to become more courage person
  4. Challenge yourself
  5. Read inspiring books.

One additional conclusion to the point nr 5. I recommend you the book called “Crush IT – Cash in on your passion”. Gary Vaynerchuk is a practical social media expert. He has created vidoeblog He has incredibly developed his family business. Moreover he became this social media freak. He loves what he does and he shares his knowledge with readers. Useful tips and inspiring story behind. Highly recommended!

And what about your impossible? What are you afraid of? How will you challenge it?